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I agree with all the others....

it's better that the child find out from someone who loves him than to find out by "accident". That is always so traumatic no matter how it happens....

It can be explained at an "age approprate" level but the earlier the better. At 4 yrs old, he might not fully understand the "adoption" process but he can understand that Mommy and Daddy wanted a child ssoooo bad that they made a special prayer to God to send them a baby and God sent them him to share their love with and how blessed THEY are that he came into their lives..

They can explain that the birth parents weren't able to take care of him for whatever reason so they asked God to find a home so He found him to a family that would love him--that way hopefully he will feel good about them instead of resentful...

I have 3 sons of my own but if any one of them were adopted....I would definately tell them.....he would have the right to know....lives have been destroyed by secrets like that....
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