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Sounds like you'll probably tell him he's adopted. Good for you. My DH was adopted and knew from an early age. I have 3 cousins also adopted (2 with the same family) the one alone knew he was adopted, in fact he grew up in the same town with his birth family and knew who they were too. The two in the same family found out when they were teenagers and it wasn't a good experience for them (my aunt and uncle refused them any info at the time) both boys rebelled. One never recovered and the other has something of himself-at least he's raised his family and made better decisions than his brother did.
If you're able to locate any info on his birth family to give later down the road that would be nice too. I'm trying to locate my DH birth family as much for him to have a biological and genealogical connection to the world as to get medical information which might be useful to our daguhters and grandkids down the road.
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