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I have several friends and relatives" who are adoptive parents. Their children have "always" known they were chosen to live in their families, and were adopted into their homes and hearts. It was never an issue.

In tw families the children are of different racces, so it was a no brainer .. the situation for discussion presented itself at a very early age..

On other family has contact with the birth mother, who visits na sends birthday and holiday cards

And the fourth family always had the framed print about how "you didn't grow under my heart, but it it" hanging above the baby's crib.

answers about the birth mothers were always generous.. about how she cared for the chiild's welfare, and wanted the child to have a healthy and good life, which she couldn't provode, because of drugs, or crime or youth..etc etc..

The child was never called a mistke or unwanted in any way... It waas always called a gift and a choice ...

The child was "picked" "Chosen" the parents wete" Blessed" Gifted" and " their dreams fulfilled" to have this child..

Another thing my friend told her little girl was "Most parents get a gift directly from G-d..and a baby is born to them... Adoptive parents get a special bonus from the angels too.. They get to choose..and we chose YOU!"
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