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Cyn, You are on the way up girl! You will learn all the tools you need to keep you ahead of the game and when you feel low...we are all here to pull you up.

I think when you are first new to this disease it is the hardest, you have to learn there are tradeoffs, and you have to learn that some things might now be impossible for you to do all the will get better!

We all have flare-ups, and some of us are lucky enough to go into a holding pattern...I call it a remission.

I too have broke down at my doctor's and cried and say what did I ever do to get this? and he reassured me, it was caused by nothing I body didn't sabotage me...this is just what life has dealt me, and you will is true..I have adapted.

I know alot of fibro people don't like to talk about their illness but I find, woman need to talk things thru...and who understands us better? Yes..another woman.

Val has an extensive medical background and she finds all sorts of great things for us...

I take a holistic approach to my Fibro, since I am chemically sensitive, so I am always looking at stress reduction, exercise, soothing massages, and oils to rub into your achy spots.

So there are so many things we can all learn from each other.

So glad you found us too!

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