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Yup.. everything elizabeth said!!

No seriously.. I do say ditto to everything .. I get the brain fogs.. I avoid the phone. ( and sometimes people like crazy) my brain screams at me you idiot!! lol)

I love your response to people ( I have to write it down) and as fas as coping if anyone can think of more stratagies than the ones just listed.. please share...

One I have been trying is a self-help stratagy by Dr. Albert Ellis, called ERBT Emotional Rational Behavioral Therapy.. It's essentially a self-talk cognative behavioral therapy.

It teaches you to accept yourself unconditionally

You are NOT your diseases.. you are who you are.. all the wonders and the foibles. Accept yourself forgive your limitations and know that you LIVE WITH a disease... you are NOT the disease.

it helps when you can remember to use it, and it takes practice.

The book i'm working with is called "how to make yourself happy nad remarkably less disturbable" odd title, I know, but it has worked wonders in helping me break outof my miserable funk.. I wasn't even on these boards for months..

Gotta go drive shorty bomb to volleyball
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