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I just went ot the doctors yesterday and she upped my Modulon dose to 200mg with every meal . I dont know if it is working but the pills sure make me tired and give me indigestion but i have Cemetidine pills to take for the acid anyway lol if its not one thing its another lol I think i am going to start rattling when i walk if i have to take anymore pills lol

I think the only time i find my IBS depressing is when i try and explain to anyone that i am not feeling well and they dont understand what IBS is :mad: Because it isnt a cold or flu bug they think it isnt real . DH has been learning a lot about this and reading the handouts from the doctors office about it . Actually he is the one that ratted me out to the doctor that i was having problems again and that my weight was going up and down again. I should explain to you that i used to be 215lbs before i got sick with this and it wasnt until i lost about 50lbs in 4 months that my old doctor decided that maybe it wasnt the flu bug afterall :mad: He said it all started cuz i had a double stomach lining infection that was never treated and it made my IBS flair up... i dont know about that one as my sister was diagnosed with IBS 3 months after i started getting sick but hers is way under control ( she lives in England) . Anyway , as i was saying i was 215lbs when i got sick and i was fighting to stay above 113lbs ( that meant a hospital stay if i lost more) and i am now at 134lbs and trying to stay at this weight but it is hard lol i am not trying to lose weight it just seems to lose me

One good thing my old doctor said to me was' i will know when you have given up Sue as you will have lost your sense of humor' and that is so true

So, DH ratted me out and now my new doc is really taking tough measures to get this undercontrol and get me some proper help * DH*

Thank you Tina and Sandy for being here ... and just remember i am here for both of you as well

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