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Hi there Bluebird

Our church does a Harvest Festival every year and the kids love it!

I will try and remember as many things as I can.

First the kids DO get to dress up but the theme has been previously set up. This last year it was children from around the world so we dressed up as the nationality of our choice.

The year before that it was Bible characters ie David and Goliath, Sampson, Noah, Moses, Disciples etc. My ds came as the little boy who brought the loaves and fishes.

The year before that it was professions such as doctors, farmers etc.

There are prizes for costumes although each child eventually recieves some token award as to not feel left out.

There are lots of games for kids such as a miniature golf course, plastic horse shoes, a maze made out of huge refridgerator boxes, a coloring contest, bob for apples, darts (the velcro kind) etc.

This is always done on our regular Wed. night church meeting and the Pastor always includes a message. Everyone has a great time. If I remember any more I'll post again! Good Luck!


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