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Hiya Lil'Sis! Okay, let's get together at the mill. A few donuts couldn't hurt you. Could they? You know that donuts go automatically with cider??? You can't have one without the other!

Gee, ..... I sure missed a good meal with you guys! Sounds like Slim had a very nice day.........and a washer & dryer, to boot! Wow!!!! Who could ask for more?

I woke up at 2 in the morning, tured on to connect with "My World", and what did I see??? A message from MSN, that there were problems, and to try later! Okay for them..... I kept trying til 3 and then gave up. Fell asleep, and when getting up at 6, finally got on. Talk about withdrawls!!!!!!! I'm totally lost without my toy!!!!

Yep, this weather has gotten so messed up, hasn't it? I only hope it lasts like this for awhile. I'm not prepared for any early snow!! I stil have to wash all the windows outside......maybe tomorrow. I always loved autumn, but it never seemed to last very long.

Well, time to move on sis,,,, How 'bout an email????
Love Ya Bunches!!! Big'Sis
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