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I am soooo far behind, no kidding, I have tried to work on a stocking for the last 3 yrs for my df, unfortunately he died a year ago and the thing still isn't finished...when I say I'm behind I'm not kidding. I love the snow man theme...I have a few things and always look for things that I can make to add to it. Last year & the year before I did artificial frosted fruit wreaths & garlands, well my family loved them so much that I ended up incorporating them into helping frost the fruits & we all made wreaths for gifts, my ds wanted me to make a lot & sell them on ebay & flea markets... heck I was still putting decorations less than a week before xmas & I started just after thanksgiving.
Whether it is art, gardening or a memory, create, create, create. This is not a dress rehearsal, enjoy, smile, love and forgive, life is just that short.
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