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MsJReg I have your dd name down in journal... as well as you for this must be a big concern with you living so far away from her.

Lynette dear, glad your friend Barb's surgery went well and her dh is there with her.
Im I thought I had posted a post on the baby, but it not here. so it must not went thru...
thanks for showing us Caleb picture... it makes me think of how small Melissa was back at a baby, for she was 5.5 when she was born, forgot how small they were.
He precious. and praying for a GOD's hands to be on him as he grows.
Prayers works as these kids grow

motherof2 thanks for the update on Tom...

Karen thanks for the update on your dad... I pray all goes well for him.
many times these arterys gets blocked more than once, this happen to my real dad...
please keep us posted, and if you don't have the time to post, send the email to me and I will continue to post to help you out dear.
thinking of you as you go thru this with you dad.

bluebird Praise the LORD.... wonderful news...

Craftdly (Donna) if you are reading this please tell me how John fitting of his shoe yesterday go? been praying yesterday and was thinking of him and you today.

not sure how long my gdaughter will be in the one can see her but her mom due to the stress it leaves on her when they go... it hurts we cannot see her.

Please put my kid's step mom on your prayers, for she went to the hospital this morning... not sure what going on, and I saw her yesterday, she looked tired, but out of the blue she ended up in the hospital... the doctors knows she does have I think it called IBS and it has flair up but not sure what else... it testing...
Tammy and I are close sort of... at least we get along aliright. it shocks alot of people that we do get along, and talk on the phone and stuff and being who we are... step mom / mom... but we respect step parents...