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carpenter ants

Dear Sandy

You asked how to apply DE. DE has the consistency of talcum powder and acts as such. I just grab a small handful and sprinkle it where I want it to go. For large areas, I take a fine strainer, and sift as if using powdered sugar. There is no threat to animals or kids. And if used outside, the rain will wash it away. My husband found some tiny worms working their way up from the carpet today (ick). Don't know where they came in from, but I suspect the dogs brought the eggs in from old pieces of wood. A sprinkling of DE quickly ended their brief lives. About 3 years ago our property was invaded by big, biting black ants. I don't know if these were carpenter ants, but they made life miserable outside for us and the pets. I dumped about 20# of DE on the property and within a month there was no sign of any ants. I don't know why, but DE doesn't seem to affect other insects. I highly recommend it for an effective, non-toxic treatment for less than desirable bugs. I also read in some books for old time treatments that people used to bake DE in biscuits or muffins as a treatment for intestional worms. Makes sense, the DE would shred the worms and then both DE and worms would be passed out of the digestive system with no after affects. The pieces of DE are too small to hurt humans or pets.

Hope this helps
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