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I voted "no" on the poll, but I was thinking along the lines of the scantily-clad, morals-of-an-alleycat (not to badmouth alleycats!) sort of show. Or the ones where folks do outrageous things just for $$$$. I guess there are some newer shows that would be considered reality shows that I like, though, now that I think about it. Extreme Home Makeover is fantastic! And my husband would dearly love for the guys on Overhaulin' to finish his project car that he's no longer in good enough shape to work on himself. So I guess I should've gone with "undecided"... depends on the show!

I agree here. I also voted no but my kids watch a neat show on ABC FAMILY called KNOCK FIRST....that is my speed as would have been say a WEDDING STORY. I enjoy that stuff but I can do without the others b/c I think it sends our kids a message that it is ok to do anything for money and I think that feeds into greed and lack of personal boundaries. Just MHO
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