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That would be wonderful, I desperately need some motivation to exercise! I hate it with a passion. I have a membership with CUrves which I love, but I literally cannot get there within their VERY limited hours of operation, plus I now have to save up $50 just to cancel my membership. I have asked dh if I can have a gym membership for my b-day if we can afford to.... A lady just called me back from the Gym I want to join WHILE I was just typing this, and I almost cried! THe hours of childcare are exactly the times I might need, it would be only $8 more a month than what I am paying (which I can barely afford, but my health is worth it, right?) plus any classes in addition are FREE! and it is close to my house, AND they are open late, AND there is no start up fee for the next 2 days and you don't have to pay for Aug or Sept membership! If that is not an answered prayer I do not know what is! I would love any kind of low fat recipes that you have!
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