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HI Tina ... as for something in my diet triggering an attack .... i dont think that would be possible , you see all i can digest is turkey ( the canned stuff) , potato , rice milk , and for fiber i eat rasin bran. Oh i eat whole wheat bread as well ( 4 slices a day) .So you can see it isnt anything in my diet that makes it go KABOOM my doctors dont know what triggers it off either but they just keep me on the meds that seem to keep some attacks to a few days only

Thank you for the offer of a shoulder to lean on ... my shoulders are always here for you as well you can email me privately as well if you need a shoulder to lean on

Now , where in Canada am i i am near Harrison Hot Springs ( about 2 hours outside of Vancouver) . I am originally from England though lol DH however is from Mississauga ( i hope that is spelt right cuz he just told me how to spell it and he was in the kitchen lol ) Where are you from ?

Thank you again for the information and i have bookmarked the link you just sent me to check out in a bit

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