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Now that we brought up the subject of our parents, let me chime in here!!

When I was a baby, my dad worked dayshift, and my mom worked nightshift. So, mom had daycare for the dayshift, and dad had daycare for the night shift.

When I started first grade mom went to day shift. Then when my sister had her first child(she was still in school), mom quit work and took on babysitting. I would have been 10 years old at the time. It didn't really effect me at that time either way, if she would have been home during the day or not. But, one the bigger kids starting moving out, I was soooo glad to have my mom home with me over the summers. We never really did much. But, we were together and that was enough.

Mom, also babysat for several other children. All those children just wanted to stay at "Mom Ruth's" home! To this day, several of those kids, have a close bond with "mom Ruth"

To this day, my mom and I are closer to each other than what my oldest sister and my mom are!

The only thing more precious than a good bond with a parent is a good bond with a sibilng.
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