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First, let me say. It sounds to me that this woman is angry that
1. she has a really good paying job
2. she lived to her standard of living, and now can not stay home with her children, If she has any????? Due to expenses that she has run up for herself, due to that good income.

Next, let me say, some Moms stay at home due to income levels. Not just because they can afford to stay at home. But, because they can't afford to work. Daycare is a big cost.

Also, don't we teach our kids not to stereotype??? Isn't she basically saying that we teach our kids to think all this stuff is women's work?

Hey, my husband cooks breakfast, and he often cooks dinner over the weekends. Just because maybe her SO might not do this does not mean that other men are not. And dh, needed to pick the kids up from whereever he would do it.

Isn't there women that are not married with and without kids. Unmarried women with and without kids, that are working in all these forces that she mentione???

I am willing to bet that there are women here that have just put their career on hold while being a stay at home mom. Ummmm, putting career on hold to me would mean, ummmm, that they were previously working in one of those fields, and will most likely return to that field, when their children either start school or graduate highschool.

If you don't want to put your youngsters in all those activities, why do you??? Is it worth the stress. My kids choose not participate in lots of activies, and believe me they are very socialized, and realize that there are stay-at-home dads. Some kids have to go to daycare, some kids have to stay with grandparents, aunts uncles. I would have to say at least 50% of the daycare providers are in home daycares!! And as was stated earlier are women. And most likely are women who left a career to take up this new profession. Is daycare not a profession, I would have to say YES it is!!

Does this woman also realize that us stay-at-home moms, also need to see Drs., dentists, and what not. We can't take them with us all the time. Guess what someone is helping us to watch these kids while going to these appts. That means that we are sharing our kids with someone else. Not just keeping them to ourselves to raise.

Some women work because they want too, some work because they have to. Some are lucky enough to be able to stay at home to make cookies with their kids. And smile at that precious little face smiling at them with flour on their nose. Or as they sneak the cookie dough. I know I don't want someone else raising what I have created!!

A work at home mom, who when she looses her work at home job, will either try to stay a stay at home mom, or find work that will work with her child's school schedule, (Like working in a school cafteria, which by the way are mainly women)

Ok, now I will step off the soap box, and let someone else take the stand.

By the way, my dh, changed diapers, and believe he was never deprived of it, and never felt deprived. He also is very fluent in helping with homework.

The woman who brought forth all these issues is a little off her rocker!!

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