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Robin: Very well said, and I couldn't agree more. Here in King County (the county that Seattle is located in) you have to have a breeder's license to have an unaltered dog or cat. In theory that is a great idea. In reality, the folks that are irresponsible enough to keep an unaltered pet are not getting them licensed anyway. If you adopt from any of the animal shelters or the city pound, you CANNOT take that animal home without getting them fixed. King County is also doing this thing where Aninal Control sends volunteers door to door in the summertime (I'm expecting a visit any day now ) and they check the pets versus what is on the license records. If you have an extra pet, they sign you up for a pet license right then and there. They are trained to ask what is going on in the neighborhood too, which kind of stinks in a way, because you are being asked to report on what your neighbors are doing.

Taking your comment a step further, I think ANYONE who has a companion animal (not just the mutts) should have that animal altered. Besides, it does works wonders on behavior.

Abear: Pits are on our city's aggresive dog list, which means pretty much one strike and your out. But they do place for adoption Pits, Rots, Akitas, Dobbies, and other aggressives that don't have a history.

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