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I don't think I could collect my thought enough to write Ms. Ritter. Some of her arguments didn't really even make sense & she is teaching college? Wow, that alone is frightening. It doesn't matter if it makes sense or if I have research to back up what I say, just agree with me. What percentage of child care workers are men? Kids are still getting the message that child care is womens work in & outside the home. My dh takes a large role in the kids care, so that doesn't fit her description either. And we are supposed to have babies thinking we deserve the communities help in raising them? First, I prefer to use my own judgment in raising my children & not that of very many others. Second, no wonder our goverment & private assistance programs are so overburdened. Wow. I hope I don't sound too negative. I know many families need both mom & dad working & I don't criticize that. I do feel so priviledged to be able to stay home. I think it has been great for my dss & ds. And for me to have worked I would only have made maybe $1 or $2 per hour after expenses. Not worth it at all. I guess I'll get off my rambling soap box. NEXT.....
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