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If you have young children, I would have to say to stay away from an Akita. My niece was attacked by one when she was about 3-4 yrs old. This dog had NO history of being fact quite the opposite.

When the animal control officer got there (sent by the 911 dispatcher when she heard the emergency was related to a dog bite), he took my sister aside and interrogated her about why she would have her DD around such a breed of animal.

The dog caught her on her right cheek. She is now 15 yrs old and has had several plastic surgeries for the scar. They say she will need at least two more to get the scar to the best they can get.

The dog's owner was so upset, he wanted to put the dog down. We all talked him out of it. However, he did ship the dog off to a new home.....on a ranch up in East Texas where there are no children within miles!

My sister has had three boxers and has never had a problem with them & her DD's. The first two were females, the current one is a male. He is much more protective of my nieces than the females. He seems, at times, like just a big baby! I've already told her that if they need to find him a new home, he's got one with me....I doubt that will happen as they had their first two boxers until they passed away.

If they weren't such an expensive breed, I would suggest that you get a Labradoodle. They are adorable!! They are a cross between a Labrador & a poodle. They are a mid-sized dog. They don't shed. They cause absolutely zero probelms with people who have allergies, asthma or any other respiratory disease. I want one soooooo bad but just can't afford to spend $ 900.00 plus initial vet fees for a dog!
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