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I used the Ortho Evra patches for just over a year as hormone therapy for my endometriosis instead of for birth control. I had my tubes tied 10 yrs ago.

Anyway, I had absolutely no problems with the patches....nothing like I had on B/C pills. Before the patch, when I took B/C pills, I had mild nausea on a daily basis, break through bleeding and headaches.

Unlike FamilyCorner, my periods were shorter and somewhat lighter....before I used them, my periods were so heavy that at times I would have to wonder if I was hemorraging and they would last a minimum of 14 days...with the first 5-7 days being so heavy I was very uncomfortable when I had to leave the house!

After I was on them just over a year, my OB/GYN decided that I was not getting the benefit that she expected for my endo. So, she switched me over to the new B/C pill, Yasmin.

Did your doctor suggest them to you or are you considering asking to try them???
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