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I second the opinion on training...that will make ALL the difference in the world, and make or break your relationship.

I personally favor the labs for kids. As many people have already stated, they are generally, as a breed, fantastic with kids. We got our yellow lab when my daughter was one. They are inseperable, and Sunny (the dog) was very patient with my daughter even as a puppy. They are very much people dogs, so if you are gone ten hours a day, this is NOT the dog for you. You will find that to be true with many of the large breeds. They also are very "mouthy." By that, you MUST provide them something to chew, or they will find it on their own, and you won't like their choice, ten to one. They also need their exercise. Sunny sheds A LOT! Labs have an undercoat (they are water dogs) and I will swear that they really do shed like they have two coats. I actually tore up my wall to wall carpet in my living room and installed hardwood because it eases the pet hair clean-up (I also have three cats).

Labs are not great watch-dogs if you are looking for an aggresive front. They will, however, bark their heads off at strange dogs, people and cars they see on "their" territory. To me, that is perfect. And I echo the person who said that bigger dog means shorter life span. I think it was my vet that said that the average lifespan for a lab is 11-12 years. That is not long at all, when you think about it.

Good luck with the search.

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