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Our first dog was a German Shepherd, fantastic guy, got him when only 8 wks old, so he was trained well & had quirky personality. He was not quite 2 yrs when we had our son, & was VERY protective of him, would watch over him in his crib as well. Was always very gentle & loving & patient with all kids, he lived till the age of 12.

The only down side was the heavy shedding! I assumed short hair, no shed, LOL..boy, was I wrong! There are very few dogs that don't shed, & according to my vet, those ones are the small dogs. But if you brush your dog daily, the shedding isn't so bad.

Now we have a Shepherd/Collie mix, which sheds as bad or worse than the pure Shepherd & a Husky/Border Collie mix, whose shedding is more in little clumps seasonly, not fine hair daily...if she is brushed daily, there is almost no shedding then.

I think your best bet would be to talk to your vet, personally. I think most of the bigger dogs can all be good family dogs, with proper care, luv & most importantly, training.

Good luck & happy hunting!! Hugs, Jacquie
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