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It's good that you are thinking about breeds. One thing to keep in mind. The bigger the dog the shorter the life span.
Most large dogs have heavier coats and shed.
All breeds come with their share of issues and concerns. I suggest you do a little studying into the medical history.
I have owned many breed of dogs but have to say that for over all performance, maintainence, etc. Australian Sheperds or Border Collies are a good prospect.
The worst part for them to me is their herding instinct.
I also own a G. Sheperd. She is a good dog but is a bit big for the house. I like to have indoor/outdoor dogs. My Aussie can out manuever and is much faster then my Shepherd. She just doesn't have the over all strength my sheperd has.
Many of the larger dogs make good family pets.
No matter what breed a very, very important factor will be good training. Next, but not least have your pet microchiped, altered, and vaccinated. And don't forget the heartworm prevenative.
And don't foget some good nutrition. by this I mean don't go to the dollar store and buy the off brand. You don't have to buy the high dollar pet store stuff either. Many of these products are not really much better than anything else. You are just buying a name.
Good Luck!
Robin in NC
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