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Birth Control Patch...

I have been the patch for almost a year now. I switched from the pill to the patch because I hate taking pills.

I have not had any side effects from the switch.

Then my doctor prescribed me not to skip the week at the end of 3 weeks being on it. I am supposed to use 4 packs (12 patches) one right after the other and then skip the 13th week. This is because of anemia that was so bad I had doctors asking me if I felt faint. I am taking 325 mg of iron 3 times a day and not skipping the week you shoud with the patch.

I am now have pretty heavy "break through bleeding". Just tonight I have now taken off the patch and won't go back on it for a week. On Monday, I will be calling my doctor's office for direction.

Since my blood count is now back up, I think I can use the patch again the way the directions say you should.

I don't think that I have gained anymore weight or anything from the switch either.

Take Care All!! Norma
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