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Labs Definitely!

We have a black labrador retriever and we have 2 children. He is absolutely wonderful with our children. He loves them! Whenever they are outside he follows them around everywhere - he wants to be where they are. They are "people" dogs - they want to be with people. He is very protective of us and our children. I can't tell you how many times we have been out in the yard and a strange dog will come in the yard. Our dog will immediately jump in between the strange dog and the children to protect them! He will then run the strange dogs off. He is also a good watch dog. If someone comes in the driveway or up the sidewalk that we don't know, he will bark like crazy at them. Also, if he is lying (or standing) at the top of the steps, he won't let strangers or anyone he doesn't like or trust come up the steps! Is that awesome, or what? We love him - he is 9 years old now. I don't know what we'll do when something happens to him! We are crazy about him and he is crazy about us. Labs just want to be petted and rubbed all the time, and they just want to know that they are loved! I don't know about the shedding part because he stays outside. I highly, highly recommend labs. They are really and truly a great breed of dog!

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