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Well, I'm only about 7 months late answering this one! Sorry!

No, there is no problem with "getting members to participate." It is simply expected and all do it - especially in the smaller missions and parishes.

We attend Confession prior to each reception of the Holy Gifts - and if we receive each week, we go to Confession each week. We talk about our fasting, and if the priest understands that someone has not made the effort, reception of the gifts is not permitted that week. But this is not an "excommunication," just a recognition that the individual has not prepared appropriately.

Obviously there are people who do not prepare and who do not receive frequently.

The Orthodox emphasize the mystical and spiritual aspects of the Faith, and with this emphasis members strive to achieve that level of spirtuality that will best prepare them for the next world.

If you are interested, I can refer you to some websites... ;-)

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