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Thanks, that is something we (My hubby, friends, and I) have talked about, but it is so hard in such a small community.
My biggest fear has always been that they would get hurt and their gparents would blame us. I actually purchased a few extra helmets, so when the actually ask to play over and I have the time to watch a few extras, I remind them that I require helmets when cycling or riding the scooter . . . I guess I never thought of them possibly getting hurt when we weren't there, and of course we have a jungle gym and swing set in the yard.
I have only met their mom one time. She moved out and left them with their gparents. I honestly feel bad for them, or I wouldn't have put up with it for this long, but it is so stressful to be constantly dealing with it.
You are right, I should call in, but I am afraid that even if they don't know it is us, they would assume (as I'm the one who spoke to the gma about it) and cause problems.
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