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Problems with neighbor kids

How should you handle reoccuring problems with neighbor kids?

We have two who are next door (their house faces the other side of the block). They are ages 3 and 5. They constantly roam the neighborhood, but are usually on our street, so noone from their house is watching them. They are always riding their bikes in the street, on more than one occasion I have observed cars narrowly missing them as they jut out. We find them in our backyard when we come home from being at the store, library, etc. On more than one occasion they have walked into the house without knocking (I'm a nursing mom, so I think they were a little more surprised than I was!). On several occasions, I will be leaving only to be pinned in my driveway by one of them refusing to move and on the other hand we sometimes cannot get into the driveway because on or the other will sit in the middle of it and not move.

I have tried politely talking to their grandmother (they live with grandparents as their mom is rather young) to no avail. Their grandfather cusses and screams a lot, so I will not subject myself to that . . . I know they probably just need attention, but sometimes I would like to just play with my kids (does that seem selfish).

I have tried to be gentle and explain that at our house we have certain rules: We don't go into someone's yard without permission. We don't go open someone's garage without permission. Knock and wait for someone to come to the door. We don't ride in the street because it is dangerous. We don't squirt waterguns into open car windows . . .

My best friend lives next door on the other side, and she is experiencing the same problems. We don't want to create more problems at home, but these kids have no supervision unless we are watching them and it is driving us nuts to come home and find them in our yards, etc. Between my best friend and I, we have 7 kids of our own to watch, and sometimes that feels like enough (again, I almost feel bad putting it in type).

HELP What do we do?
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