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It's good that you are thinking ahead and not just impulsively buying.

We have a Akita/German Shephard mix... however we don't have children so I can't say how she would be around them. She is very even tempered and a real layed back personality, has been that way since she was a puppy.

Akita's are very protective of their family so if you are looking for a protection dog, this one is tops. German Shephards are also excellant family dogs and good protectors.

Mastifs unless you live in the country or have several acres this wouldn't be my first choice as they are huge dogs and needs lots of space to exercise in.

Labs are also good family dogs and protective.

I have to say on the down side Akita's are very furry almost like a chow and there will be alot of cleanup of hair as it flies every time they shake.

Good luck and let us know what you decide.

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