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after daycare ideas for 22 month old

I have been lucky enough to be nominated to care for my dgd after my 10hr outside of home workday. Her parents do not get off work in time to pick her up before closing nor or they open on weekends that they sometimes have to work. We do have a 20 -30 minute commute so we spend that time discussing what we see & how her day was. She does not speak as clearly as mine did and her vocaublary is not as extensive but we're getting there. What I'm looking for is some fresh ideas for entertaining her while she learns. I had bought her some magnetic letters that she plays with while I prepare dinner for dh & dd. I know there is a grandparent thread here but I really wanted to get some ideas how newer mothers are teaching their babies. My babies range from 18yr - 26yr. so to say I'm a little rusty is an understatement. Any suggestions welcome & appreciated.
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