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How cute, Deb! I had a cat once who had to touch me when I slept. He'd curl up right next to me or just lay one paw on me, but he had to be in contact the whole night. They can be such sweeties.... "Dog people" -- don't get me wrong, I love dogs, too, the bigger and gallumphier the better! -- always seem to think cats are aloof & cold, but I think that they just show their love in different ways. Kind of nice to know your four-legged bud loves you without big, slurpy, dog-breath kisses and muddy paw prints all over your clothes, after all!

You know you're a true cat person when you learn how to hold the bedclothes up so you can turn over without disturbing the cat sleeping on top of ya!

The ani cat smilie reminded me of this! Do your kids know Maukie? He (she?) is fun to play with online. You can save him/her to your hard drive, too. Just move your mouse around and watch how the kitty reacts. Be sure to turn the sound on! Virtual purrs are almost as nice as live ones. I resized Maukie and color-coordinated the background to post a mini version on the links page of our family webpages. Cute little gizmo!
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