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Blinkies Virtual Friend Toys


First Virtual Friends With “Eye”-Cons Offer Fun, Fashion and Friendship

COSTA MESA, CA – One look and you’re hooked! Girls and teens everywhere can embrace a new generation of virtual friends when cool, colorful Blinkies hit store shelves in August 2004 from Playmates Toys. Suggested retail priced at just $19.99 each, Blinkies come loaded with virtual play activities all based on building friendship and filling Blinkies’ hearts with love. Blinkies are the only interactive toy to feature a unique color LCD screen in their eye area where they display “eye”-cons in order to communicate and play, while a sound chip enhances the experience. Girls interact with the toys through four touch sensors on Blinkies’ bodies that give girls choices on how to respond to Blinkies’ emotions and needs.

Anything girls can do with a real friend, they can do with their new BFF
(best friend forever) Blinkies. The toys are 4.5” tall and come in six vibrant colors with coordinating colored ponytails. Four different menus offer a variety of games and activities that mimic girls’ interaction including selecting boyfriends, sharing fashion advice and getting ready for a party. There are also other activities to do with Blinkies such as dancing, fortune telling, instant messaging, makeovers and more. The more girls interact with Blinkies, the more Blinkies’ heart fills with love, raising girls’ friendship scores. As their scores go up, they’re rewarded with fun animations, which Blinkies display to express their feelings and keep girls entertained. But if girls ignore Blinkies, the toys’ eyes show boredom and their hearts get broken.

With three levels of play, girls decide what’s fun to do and best for their Blinkies as they determine how much the friendship grows. Ideal for girls ages 6-10, this virtual best friend offers ever-changing opportunities for discovery and empowerment as girls learn to nurture a friendship with their Blinkies. Girls will want to collect all six of them so they can get to know sassy Zoe, feisty Blaze, Maxie the adventurer, super smart Skye, daydreamer Twink and artsy Perri.

Virtual pets first became a consumer product phenomenon in the mid-1990’s and Playmates’ Nano Pets were among the most popular items. Introduced in 1997, Nano Pets sold over six million units in just eight months. Due to popular demand, the three most popular Nano Pets – Puppy, Kitty and Baby – are returning to store shelves in August 2004 to help teach a whole new generation about nurturing and caretaking.
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