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more on baby food jars; the Christmas tree and more

Christmas Baby Food Jar Tree
You need a piece of 1' by 2' long enough for six baby food jars for the tree using 21 jars or five for the tree using 15 jars butted next to each other and some space on either side about another couple of inches. I would estimate about 12 to 16 inches.

You will need 15 or 21 cleaned baby food jars, depending on what tree you plan on making.
You will also need a small string of Christmas lights.
You will need a nail punch or drill.
Holiday Green spray paint.
Christmas embelishments, like minatures, small pinecones and nuts, etc.
E-6000 glue.
Paint the piece of 1' by 2' green and let dry,
Using a nail punch or drill take the lids off the jars and punch or drill a hole in the center of the lids. Spray paint and let the lids dry.
Using the E-6000 glue, glue down for the first row 6 jars butted next to each other,
centering them and leaving space evenly on each side. Let dry according to glues
Then glue 5 jars on top of the 6 jars butted next to each other and let dry.
Continue as above using 4 jars,, 3 jars 2 jars, and last 1 jar, letting each row dry as you build the tree.
Place the lids on the jars and then start placing the string of lights into the jars through the drilled or punched jar lid holes.
Embelish the sides of the tree with pinecones, Christmas minatures, tinsel, as you
feel apt at embelishing the project. plug in and place on window ledge and then of course you have to go outside and see how it looks from the outside.
I thing I got all the instructions written as to follow easily.
You want the smaller tree pyamid with 15 jars , using 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 jars .
Depending on your taste and the peice of wood you could make the base larger and
make the tree larger, but I wouldn't go to large so as not to make the Jar tree unstable.
The link below is one I found after I wrote my tree instructions up, it has pictures so it will be easy to see and picture the final project.
Also I included some other links for more baby food jar projects, enjoy,
Love and God Bless,

Recycling crafts - Make a beautiful Christmas Tree Centerpiece out of old baby food jars - Here's a great way to recycle old baby food jars - this beautiful centerpiece will brighten up your Christmas table!

- Baby-food Jar Gardens - A terrific craft for preschool and elementary.

Baby food jar crafts - Baby foood jars can be great craft items. Learn how to use baby food jars as decorative votive candle holders.

Baby Food Jars

baby food jar candles

Layered Soil Mix in a Jar ( these would make great minature ones with the larger baby food jars) America's Favorite Craft Magazines

Candle Holder
Surround a small jar with tissue and paper

Glitter Glue Votive Candle Holder
Baby food jars and glitter glue. Very easy

You can wax creative with baby-food jars and candles
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