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Our cat Minnie is definitely not a lap cat! She's one of those cats that only lets you handle her when she feels like it. But right after I go to bed, she comes into the bedroom and hops up on me, strolls up to my chest, and gently pats at my mouth until I pet her. She especially wants her ears rubbed, what we call "ear-lovin's." Sometimes I play possum and pretend I'm already asleep, but she just goes pitty-pat at my lips until I get the giggles and give in. Then suddenly she'll decide she's had enough attention and wander off again. She's really attached to my DH and loves to sit on him or close to him, but she never plays her bedtime game with him. He's told me that on nights I turn in early, Minnie apparently realizes I'm missing, and she goes in and tries to get me to play. Of course, I'm usually already snoring for real, so she just pats me for a bit, then gives up on me. You just can't train some humans!

We saw her going bonkers one day, pouncing around on the carpet, and couldn't figure out what she was doing. My DH finally realized that the light was reflecting off the HUGE dial of his watch and Minners was chasing the shiny round reflection on the floor.

She's one funny cat, our Ms. Minners!
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