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Hi Sue, Thanks for your suggestions. I have been trying to MAKE myself get out of bed at 6:45 and go mallwalking with my dad so I can get back to some sort of normal schedule. This week went pretty good. I got up 3 mornings and let myself sleep in the other 2 which was good for me. I did NOT want to get up but, admittedly, did feel better after I walked.
I just have this huge sense of not accomplishing much but I think sometimes I just don't give myself enough credit. I think that if I looked at what I DID rather than what I did NOT do, I would see it is more than I think. I know I feel better if I get all my chores, errands and prayertime done befroe I get on the computer.

I like your hour by hour suggestion. Maybe I just need to start trying to go to sleep a little earlier each night until I get back to "normal!!"
What parts of the Flylady are workng for you? I found her numerous emails to be too much but I do shine my sink and swish the toilet and get dressed to my shoes everyday!!

Adizkide....You must have tremendous energy taking care of teenagers AND grandchildren!! Bless your heart!!
So, what's a typical day like for you?

"I'd rather be riding the train"
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