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Sorry its been a while, I've been a bit busy. I keep 4 girls durring the week and had 2 all week VBS. Glad things slowed a bit this week!

We have girls ages 6 through 12. My girls I have durring the week are 7, 10, 10, & 12. My daughter's toop just had their last meeting, but she is willing to call them and see if they want to have a penpal.

Do any of you GS leaders do a "Badge NIght"? Once a month My daughter and her helper host an overnight at the sponcer Church. The girls learn to cook their dinner, cleanup, do what they need for several badges many of which take several things to acomplish. I know they had several guest speakers, like a nurse on health and hygiene, and a policewoman for safety. They do crafts, etc. They get up at 6a.m. and cook their breakfast and cleanup finish up and leave before 10a.m. There is parent participation also, and this was their 1st. year as leaders. She planned what badges and how and what they needed to acomplish to earn the badges and divided it up to fit the schedule. Really worked out well and the parents were impressed with the amount of badges the girls earned and the amount of things they learned. I was told by some of the Moms that Gwen (my daughter) was the best leader they've had. Made my day and I passed it along to her!
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