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Train have you tried to bring your schedule around an hour at a time? they say to do it in increments to get kids back on school scedule at the end of the summer. If it works for kids why shouldnt it work on us. I feel for you about the being up at night though. I dont sleep well to begin with and some nights i sit up half he night because i dread a night of tossing and turning.

I am not a good time manager and never have been. i have really been trying to get into Flylady as i have said on other posts. It weems to be the most sensible for me. i have also looked on other decluttering and homemaking sites as well as reading books. i think i will be combining some of each, but mostly the flylady stuff. It doesnt feel overwhelming when i do things her way. I know of your struggles with time and getting things done.i feel the same way and it reflects in my home. I want a home that Jesus can walk into and say good job my daughter! I will get there because it is his will that i be a wife and mom so he is gonna take me there!

Blessings! SueG
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