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I'm a little late in my reply but I'd have to agree with either the male parts or a possible tumor.
For the best health of your pet please do not use Cedar or Pine for bedding. Aquariums are not a good choice for containment as they offer little air circulation. Don't foget to offer a hide box and offer chews. Pinecones and thin untreated rawhide are good. Just bake the pinecones at 250* for about 20 minutes. Many small bird toys serve the purpose well.
Also, make sure you give a good diet. Small bites of fruits and veggies are good along with seeds and nuts. Many of the diets available have the dried veggies and fruits but they have almost no nutritional value once they are processed to that extent. Use a good name brand....Harvey Pet I hear is good, Higgins is good, and I'm sure there are more. It's wise to stay away from grocery store brands.
Good luck with your hamster.
Robin in NC
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