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Nothing specific, just some ideas...

What?!? Nobody's posted?!?

I bought a few square plates at Target from their Summerville line that just clearanced at 90%, making it about 25cents each. They're white with some sort of pink floral/asian design on them. I'll put a few pillar candles on there, wrap a piece of ribbon around it and that'll take care of a couple of people for gifts.

Movie night basket was a hit as far as Christmas gift basket ideas. Pretty cheap, though greatly appreciated and takes care of two people at once if given to a couple.

Buying when you come across a good deal and storing it away is obvious. I bought three of the ice shaving machines from the same Summerville line at 79cents each-they were $9.99. I also found a few bottles of flavoring on sale for $1.28 and put those away with the shavers. That takes care of three friends' kids for Christmas already. Last year I bought a couple of green cracked glass votive holders at half price-those are for my sister in law at Christmas. I've done some surveys and earned a few Amazon gift certificates. I use those for my kids to get some goodies that I can't see shelling out real cash for-like a PS2 game for ds, calendar for dd.

I like to make " a jar" gifts or bath salts or fleece or crocheted blankets...

I'd love to see more ideas!
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