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Hi! Please don't feel bad! We ALL have those days where we just want to give it all up and run away or worse, but we get through it. I don't know how sometimes but we do. Yes, three kids are alot harder than two. You wouldn't think one child could make such a difference but it really effects your whole life from day to day. I just keep telling my self, soon they will be grown and gone and I will have regretted the time I just "ignored" them for my piece of mind and just let them play alone without me even when they wanted me to play but I "just didn't feel like it". And my kids are still young, also, probably around the same ages as your kids. 9, 6, and just turned 4. Well, I guess I know where I can go when I am stressed and need to vent and I hope you feel the same........................keep your chin up and tell your kids constantly how much you love them, like I'm sure you do.
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