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Dear Human Stressed Out Mom,
As I was reading all the replies you received I could really feel for you. I don't have but 2 boys, but man can they be a handful at times. I remember when I use to think I was the world's worst mom because some days I wanted to be anything but a mom. But as I've gotten older and the boys have grown, I've come to realize that I am no different than any other parent out there. I believe that as a whole we all do the very best we can at any given moment, so ease up on yourself. Kids at any age can be a handful, and if my two are any indication they both go bezerk at the same time. I've also noticed that when I'm really down on myself, that's when my boys show me in their own special way that being mom is the greatest joy of my life; just as your little guy did.
Smiling while traveling the road of life.
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