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Re: Being a Long Distance Grandparent

Originally posted by bgwelz
I will become a long distance Grandparent within the next few months. My daughter, son in law and my only 2 grandchildren will be moving over 5 1/2 hours from us.
I have been through the crying stages and am trying to enjoy the time I have with them.
It is very hard because for the last few years I have had them 4 days a week while my daughter worked. I know I am not the only Grandparent in this position so I am hoping some of you can give me tips on how to make this situation easier on all of us.
This is going to make for some quiet days as I am not able to work due to my health.
We can not go visit too often either due to finances.
One child is a girl 5 yrs and the other is a boy 1 yr. I am afraid they will forget us.
Sorry for the long note,
I just saw this and wanted to coment. When my granddaughter was 2 my son and her mom split up. She moved back home ( 4 1/2 hours away). My life came crashing in on me. I was totally heartbroken. They had lived with us for about the last 10 months and my grand daughter seemed like my own child. It was a very hard thing to get over. We don't have a lot of money so calls where only once in a while. Visits where about 3 a year. My grand daughter is now 14 and ever since she left has come to stay with us for 1 week in the summer and 1 week at Christmas vacation. While she was small some of the visits got cut short becuse she got home sick, but we never gave up. Now sometimes the Christmas visit is canceled due to weather etc.,But since she is older we can talk more on the phone. Also her Mom has meet me at the halfway point of the trip so I don't have to drive so far. No matter what the circumstances you CAN make it work! I feel I am closer to the distanct grand daughter than the two that live close, so there is hope!
Grandchildren are Gods way of compensating us for growing old.
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