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My friend and I love to cook together! It is a whole lot more fun and is definitely worth it. Here is what we do:

1. We have a running list of things we have made. As we try new things we add them to our list and we cross of things one or both families do not like. When we decide to do a cooking session we choose from our list and only make things both families like. We are on our own on a different day if we want to make something the other person does not like.

2. One or both of us shop. We either go together or we divide up what we need. We keep receipts and divide the bills in half. We also keep a box at one person's house full of supplies that carry over...things like pasta, baggies, sugar, etc. These are items we both paid for but did not use all of it.

3. Then we cook! I tend to bark orders and she does what I tell her to. My friend doesn't really like to cook, but loves the benefits of having meals in her freezer, so this system works great for us!

4. Between us we have four children ages 5 and 4 and two 2 year olds. Before we start cooking, we have coloring books out, play dough, and some other game they only get to do on cooking day. They are allowed in the back yard where we can see them from the window or in the basement. We also set them up to watch a video, which is a treat for my children as they are generally only allowed one hour of TV per day. So this keeps them quiet a while! If we're lucky, one or both dads are around and can help with kid control.

5. We generally have microwave lunches for the kids and the cooks so meal time is easy, complete with throw away cups and utensils. On cooking day, the last thing you want is even more dishes.

This works for us! I love it! We try to make six meals and we tend to quadruple the recipes so that we each end up with 12 meals. Some come out to be even more, like pot roasts or chilli.
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