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Hey, its ok to feel stressed and to vent it out. Its tough to raise a brood. But let me tell you to enjoy it all. My four are now ages 17-24 and it went sooo fast. Right now its great. When they are all together we now sit as adults and enjoy each others company tremendously. As they got older my kids had each other to things with. there was always someone in the family they could depend on. Even today ( i can from a family of six kids) and there is no one better I enjoy shopping with, having a dinner with etc that one of my siblings.
As they get older, the less you will have to do physically for them the easier it gets...but then the emotional parenting side kicks in.
and its a whole new ballgame. But nevertheless highschool was great fun and I am sad to see my last one entering into his senior year. Just remember, the most important thing is to be there always for matter what the age. My mom is still a great mother, and friend.
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