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Actually, I feel embarrassed and ashamed that I started this thread. When I started it, I had had a really rough day with the kids, I was suffering from PMS, and my dh wasn't home. He's been working 6 days a week and then doing a lot of running around on his day off. So I've been with the kids alone for a while. Plus last week was their first day of summer break, so I had all 4 at home.

I do not want anyone here to think that I regret having any of my children. I DON'T. I love them all sooo much! In fact, I was laying on the bed with Dominic (#4) last night and I've taught him how to tell me a story, instead of me telling him one. And it's just the cutest thing in the entire world listening to him in his "wittle" voice tell me all about giant green polar bears in the sky and how they like to eat chicken without barbecue sauce! LMAO Then he tells me not to laugh while he's telling me the story, but I just can't help myself. It's not laughing like it's funny, it's that overwhelming feeling of happiness that just makes the laughs ooze out, you just can't hold them in.

Please, please, I hope noone here got the impression that I don't love my children or that I regret any of them. I wouldn't trade things the way they are for the world, I was just feeling a little depressed when I started this. Thanks for listening and please don't judge me too harshly
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