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I, too am a compulsive eater.. the old "it's not what you're eating.. it's what's eating you" thing.

I KNOW all about diet and exercise.. it's the compulsion to binge and the compulsive cravings that I can't control. There are emotional triggers that are overwhelming, and that I am working on identifying and satisfying in other ways. No way of "dieting" will work for me because it's NOT about the FOOD!!

Overeaters Annonymous was a great help to me (for awhile) It was a good support system, but I had a bad experience with a sponsor.

The whole addiction association about the food felt absolutely right to me, and cutting out the carbs helped me tremendously. I lost quite a bit of weight while doing OA, but then lost my "abstenence".

I'm doing cognitive and behavioral therapy now. I really believe if I can control the behavior that causes me to act compulsively..then the "diet" itself will be no big deal. It has never been about the food... When I'm happy and busy and feeling good about myself, I'm lnever binge-eating. I'm in control of the food, not the other way around. I feel good about me, and I'm making healthy choices. I totally loose my grip on reality when I'm eating compulsivly. It's like an out-of-body experience.. But there's no getting away from this body.. I wish there was.. but there's not.

So Tasha.. I know what you're talking about. Compulsive Eating Disorder is a real thing. It's listed in the Diagnostic Coding books. Doctors know about it. The ignorance of uneducated strangers shouldn't get you down.

You're not alone, It's not "a lack of will power". But it is a psychological dysfunction, and we have to find a cure...

I for one am not giving up yet... But I still dream of gastric by-pass being the magic fix... Oh well Maybe they'll invent a brain by-pass for folks like us! LOLOL!!

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