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Hamster lumps

We have a hamster that had a rather unusual large lump just below the rib cage. Since it is rather expensive to take something this small to a vet, we decided to wait and see. It turned out to be a cyst that burst. O what a smell that was. Bactine was what I used to clean it out.
I would touch it and see if it moves. It could be that.
As for hamster balls? They do grow quite large once a month. They are in heat and are looking for a female to have fun with. We did find out that even though they were both from the same litter? Books say they should get along fine. Once they both went into heat? It was a blood bath. Needless to say, they are separated and can see eachother, but can't touch eachother unless we put them in the circus cage that lets them roam safely. If it doesn't get any bigger? Then just keep an eye on it.
Hamsters live 2 to 5 years. 5 is the longest for a captive Hamster. Most caged ones live 2 to 3. Keep us posted on your hamster.
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