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you mention chruch.. then we need to pray that some person that hs no gkids or has gkids that lives long range will embrace your grandkids and enjoy them, as the same with you, you could reach out to someone that has no gkids or lives far away..

GOD does things like that. when a door or window gets shut GOD will open another one.

Not sure if you are aware but we have a religious thread as well as a prayer thread, and would love to have you come join us.

Prayer Partners/Prayer Chain - 2 located at:

you will find a wonderful group of women that would embrace you during this time in prayer.

also I hope you be able to join our secret sisters next month.
I forgot to look to see how many post you had, but if you have 25 or more post you can join up, if not you need to gain up to 25 post to be able to.

I do not think you been over to the Introduce Yourself forum
which is over at :

any other thing I might can help you with feel free to ask.

My grandbabies are ages 5,4,2 by my dd, and then my husband gbabies are 1,19,17, the baby is by his son, and the other 2 are his daughter.
His son started late for they couldn't have kids and Praise GOD they did a year ago now....

see you around.

Have a great Happy July 4th.
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