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Anyone else train in martial arts??

Hi there

Was just wondering if anyone else on the boards takes part in Martial arts training?? If you do what form?

I started training 10 months ago. My 3 kids are very active with our local club and I was always sitting watching so I decided I may as well join in and get in shape(before I hit 40 )

Are club is karate and we are under the YKKF federation. We also train with weapons(kobudo).

I am grading next week for my yellow belt......about a 2 hour grading. It will be my 3 rd belt(white, red, yellow) My oldest ds is a junior brown belt, my second ds is a blue belt and my dd is an orange belt.
My boys just got back from a 4 day workshop/camp in Wisconsson. It was the first time they had been to the states . My oldest is hoping to someday go to Okanawa Japn to train.

Well just thought I would see if anyone else shares are interest


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