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Post family in the oil field

hi! I am wondering if anyone has family or friends who work in the oil field? My husband does and is gone 14 days and then home for 14!!!! It's not as bad as it may sound, with 4 kids, crafting, and work we stay busy and happy most of the time!! My kids are: 2 boys almost 17, a girl 5, and a boy 4!! We have a routine for each day and that helps! I work at a swimming pool as does one of my sons, so we are able to swim everyday, and the pool that we work at is all hot springs mineral water so it is very good for you!! My little ones recently learned to swim so it is nice that they don't have to wear life jackets anymore!! There are 2 slides there and 4 hot tubs as well so it is nice to soak after a long day!! My husband has been in the oil field since he was 16, and is now 39!! Our kids have been born into it and one of my older boys plans to follow his dads footsteps! He has another son who recently ( 2 months now!) entered the same career choice!! My other 17 year old rides broncs in the rodeo and is getting ready to leave today for a rodeo in Montana for the 4th of July weekend. I'll be on pins and needles until he comes back home safely!! Have a good day, Mary
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